Abortion pill reversal treatment works

Did you take an abortion pill and you regret it? Did you take RU-486, also known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol? If yes, do not be afraid because you can seek abortion pill reversal treatment but you must begin treatment within 72 hours of taking the first dose.

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For more information, look at this 2015 report by Bill Melugin

Now hear Rebekah Hagan’s story. In 2013 when Rebekah was 18, she was single and pregnant with her second child. Rebekah lives in California and she was afraid because the father of her children rejected her and their children. So Rebekah went to a Planned Parenthood facility, took the first dose of the abortion drug RU-486, and she was immediately grieved. Listen to Rebekah’s story on the video below.

Abortion pill reversal treatment saved Rebekah’s second son Zechariah. Now she’s a speaker who works to help save other babies and to help save other mothers and fathers from the haunting loss of their children. Rebekah’s parents generously let her live with them, she studied Theology of the Body and she learned her lessons well. Eventually she met her husband Kramer in 2015, they started dating in 2016, and they married in 2018. Now Eli and Zechariah have a father and a sister, and everyone is happy.

Call Abortion Pill Rescue anytime 24/7 at +1 (877) 558-0333 or go to www.AbortionPillReversal.com


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